Hypnosis and eye closure: Do a hypnotic subject's eyes need to be closed?

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To study hypnosis with Dr. Mike Mandel visit http://MikeMandelHypnosis.com/class In this video, Dr. Mike Mandel explains how eye closure is desirable when inducing a hypnotic state, but not necessary once the subject is in a somnambulistic trance. But how do you get eye closure? Well, you don't need to use outdated techniques as most hypnotists do. Mandel's suggestion is so much simpler and more effective. Dr. Mike Mandel has been doing professional full time hypnosis for nearly 40 years as of the date this video was shot (2013). Learn more about Dr. Mandel at http://mikemandelhypnosis.com/dr-mike-mandels-bio/ Also be sure to checkout our 5-star rated podcast "Brain Software with Mike Mandel", available at our website and in iTunes.

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