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I am just putting up "Metabolism Repair". It is a massive combination of 16+ frequencies Dr. Rife isolated to repair all that could be amiss with your metabolism. Metabolic repair and Weight Loss...this is revolutionary stuff. Pretty timely, huh, before Christmas? You can go ahead and eat! This was the original comment: Without making any specific claims, this is known to be fast and effective. Watch once, and note your reaction before using at longer intervals. With all Rife Frequencies, plenty of pure water is necessary to avoid dehydration, and to facilitate the frequencies' actions. For an introduction to an extension of these videos, Rife Frequency Patterns, check out rifestyles.com ("Rife Patterns Introduction", in the menu). It first explains how this format came about. There was a couple relying on the "Parasite" videos, then lost their internet connection for 55 hours - devastating. They still use the videos, but have moved to this new, internet-free alternative. Gives some good info about Royal Raymond Rife.

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