Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat - Episode 39 - 18th April 2013

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Madhav and Aaradhya play a unique game - Aaradhya and Madhav perform all the ritual which is carried out post marriage. Bharti doubts on Aaradhya's final decision of settling down with Madhav. Will destiny bring Aaradhya and Madhav together? It is said beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder & in Aaradhya's case, beauty is fair skin, good looks & a striking personality! This is the story of Aradhya, a beautiful looking girl who believes that she is a princess and wishes that one day she will be get married to a good looking prince. She believes and lives in her dreams. She falls in love with the voice of an RJ 'Ehsaas' -- an intense, brooding yet romantic voice which makes girls go weak in their knees. Aaradhya assumes that the face to this voice must be her ideal man, her prince charming -- good looking, suave & dreamy eyed! When she accidentally meets Rahul, a young, handsome man & puts his face as Ehsaas, she is very happy to know that the man behind the voice looks the same as she had imagined to be & starts falling for him. As the wedding day comes, Aaradhya thinks she is getting married to Rahul but as fate would have it, she instead gets married to Madhav, a dark & ugly man! Now, what will happen when Aaradhya is married to a man who is the exact opposite of what she thought her husband would be! Will Aaradhya's dreams of finding her perfect man be shattered with her marriage or will she find a way to see a person's extraordinary personality?

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