A DLR front view between Beckton DLR Station and Tower Gateway DLR Station

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While on my trip to London, I decided to film a 'cab view' from a DLR train, from one end of the line where I was staying - Beckton - to the the other end of the line - Tower Gateway It would have been nice to film a Beckton - Bank service, but since the last time I was staying in Beckton, these have been stopped. My first attempt (not shown) was a disaster, as I didn't know of the 10 minute limit for video that my camera has (this still caused problems with the uploaded version), and the camera tripod kept on falling over. This video is a result of my second attempt, where liberal amounts of white tack where applied to the tripod. Unfortunately, you can see the tripod in this at times. The attempt to record this almost failed however, due to two factors. First, we got held at Canning Town DLR station for about 5 minutes East India DLR Station for another 20 minutes (This has been edited out), due to a signal failure near Bank. Secondly, due to this, my camera battery, which was fully charged at the start of the journey, was almost out by the end of the journey, and has been blinking red at me for the final few stations. Overall, it worked. It could have been better, and in the process of merging the videos together into one lone video, I have lost some video quality, but it was fun.

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