I Don't See Nothing Wrong - Drew Deezy & Thai featuring Bobby V. (Music Video)

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Music video by Drew Deezy & Thai featuring Bobby V. presented by 454 Life Entertainment & 454 Films. Produced by TRAXAMILLION. Directed by GINOROCKS. ► SHIRTS, HATS, CDs, & DVDs! ◄ http://454.vn/store http://454life.bandcamp.com ► WEBSITE ◄ http://454.vn ► FACEBOOK ◄ http://facebook.com/454lifeentertainment ► TWITTER ◄ http://twitter.com/454life @454life ► TUMBLR ◄ http://454life.tumblr.com http://454ceo.tumblr.com ► BOOKING ◄ booking@454.vn LYRICS: HOOK I dont see nothing wrong with us hangin out after we leave this club If u leave with me we poppin, When im in you we aint stoppin We gona get it in we gona turn it up get a lil freaky when we leave this club If you leave with me we poppin when im in you we aint stoppin I dont see nothin, i dont see nothing wroong... DREWS VERSE: You see the bottles poppin, the party is riight here my swag turned up im the player of the year we can sip some champayne or down some xo we can come in the ferrari or leave in the lambo i aint seen the little leagues, your boy i all pro you can have wat u like, I aint worried about the dough go head and tell the waiter that we need 5 more this is all complimatory of 4.5.4 the time is 2:30, is you leaving with a boss? bring your girlfriends you dont gotta drop them off take them to the mansion they can all get lost i live magnificent, somethin like Rick Ross Pull out your camera phone, yeah ill take a picture update your facebook and put me on twitter i make 'em say "ahhh" and i aint talkin bout trey songs Its time to leave the club an i dont see nothin wrong, yeeaahh.. HOOK THAI'S VERSE: I pull up to the club valet the car poppin all the bottles you dont see us at the bar do you want the clear or would you like the brown do ahead and tell the waitress to bring another round lookin like a queen, im th king of the town no need to waste your time dealing with these other clowns you leaving with me so no need to run around im so turned up that you cant turn me doown heres some wristbands for your girlfriends pull the robes back, let the girls in now fill the cups up and get the drinking you like wat you see, we can do this every weekend heres the room key to the pent house got my boys with me so bring your girls out the nights real young, so its gona be long so if you leave this club, i dont see nothing wrrong HOOK...

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