Lion King 1/2 Hyena Chase Scene

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*edit* gawd, can ya believe it? almost 100,000 views. More than any other video. Shitloads of comments and happy youtubers. No regards to my other work though. :/ (not the ytps) Yep, i'm pleasing the furries tonight. this is one of the scenes i liked, but i have a few faverites. i may make a collection of them in a video, but filming this straight off the dvd calls for lots of rendering power, and space and patience; this scene alone took about 15 minutes. editied in sony vegas so you dont suffer through a "PURCHASE ME!" watermark, and i DO NOT OWN THIS, DISNEY DOES. so..yeah, I think this could just be some redemption for what disney animators and writers did to the hyenas in the wretched timone and pumbaa show which was extremely popular when i was young. but every time i watch those episodes i shudder.

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