MEDITATION The path to deception / Meditatia, cale spre deceptie 2 of 5

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Yoga as a form of meditation, as a way of living, as a way of improving is nothing but a deceptive way to deny Christ and accept the power of the demons! Any form ofmediation comes from ancient India, and are ancient hindu waysof preparing the soul for death and nothing more. Guru have changed their traditional way to manipulate, convince and decept naive and fouls from the West with their demonic powers. A guru is considering himself greater than GOD because throughout him you can achieve illumination. Reincarnation is not real, is a pagan demonic form of possesion and as hindus say is a curse hard to bear. Yoga is a modern Pagan Religion and their ultimate purpose is (beside making the guru's very rich) to enslave all population through deception, in it's ultimate form: The New Age. Miraculous healings, powers, levitation, materialization of matter are forms of demonic manifestation and those exposed to it are in terrible danger.

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