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The leading resource for Psychiatric Interviewing training for the CASC and RANZCP exams. The Psychiatric Interview is an art and is difficult to learn from books. Passing your psychiatry exam and enhancing your clinical practice is now made easier by Psych Interview which is the ideal solution that shows you exactly how to pass by combining Psychiatric Interviewing skills, knowledge and practice in one concept. 56 Psychiatry stations (video interviews) by a Consultant Psychiatrist . This video, which is one of 56, on Alcohol Dependence and Motivational interviewing enables you to take a competent history of alcohol use to differentiate between misuse and dependence. You will perform a motivational interview which is an effective tool in affecting change as part of management. This will prove beneficial in the exams and your clinical practice, as alcohol dependence / misuse is commonly encountered. The slides outline evidence based bio-psycho-social management strategies for alcohol dependence . Get Started now!

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