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Make life beautiful: * You can use your favourite moisturiser :) Hi Wubblies :D!! If you missed my real talks I have just updated one on my blog :)! You should really have a read: PLEASE READ THIS *** ** doing this with the wrong equipment CAN damage your skin! DO NOT USE: Plastic spoons it will scratch your skin. Please use a rounded china or ceramic spoon. DO NOT JUST UES MOISTURISER to lubricate your skin, please use a slippery oil, or else the friction may actually make your skin stretch and go saggy. GET The Unicorn Face Massage Tool: Chinese, Korean and Japanese as well as other asian women have been using facial massage as a great way to remove bloating, firm the skin, and create a firm and toned face. Facial massage became very popular in Korea due to their obsession with "small v line face shapes" and removing facial bloating and firming the cheek area helps you make the bottom part of your face smaller. In addition, it improves the elasticity in your skin so it's a wonderful way to keep your skin glowing and youthful. ----- More information on the products I used ----- Pure Fiji: Nourishing exotic oil in orange blossom: Chinese spoon: Daiso $2.80 ----- FIND ME ----- Facebook: Twitter: @wengie Instagram: @misswen Blog: ----- MY OTHER CHANNELS ----- VLOG and Real Talks: Music/Dance and Kpop Covers: ----Music by Don Valix & P.R----- "Carousel" Background music by Johnny Ripper: Opening theme song by: "Starting" ending music by Don Valix Please check out his channel, amazing musician and producer: If you want to use his music please contact him through his YT :)

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