Daniel's Timeline - Part 7 of 12 - Understanding End Times Prophecy/Tribulation Period

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Can we KNOW when the Tribulation starts? Can we KNOW when the Second Coming of Jesus Christ is? Can we KNOW the timeline of events to occur during the tribulation? The Bible says so, and here's WHAT the Bible says about WHEN these events are to occur. This is a bible scripture study series. It will outline the prophetic time line as put forth in the book of Daniel and the book of Revelation. It will also feature information about solar vs lunar calendars and will help you to better understand Jewish Feast Days and Jewish customs. This video is posted WITH PERMISSION so no copyright issue has been violated. This presentation can be purchased on DVD via the Daniel's Timeline website for 19.95. Please support their ministry by purchasing the DVD and sharing the word! (I, Scutter4christ, am NOT affiliated with them in any way) Link to Dewey Bruton's Website: http://www.danielstimeline.com/gallery1.htm If you have specific questions about the timeline, please be sure to direct them to the owner of the website linked above. I am a student just like everyone else and Dewey will be able to answer your questions better than I can.

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