Horse & Rider: Trust Me With Your Heart

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Hello everyone :) Hope you're all okay, as usual. So here's a steady video I made and where I wrote some quotes from a poem which wasn't written by me. It redirects to trust and I liked it very much. This time I placed some beautiful photos with video in between. I wanted to show specially the meaning of the words. It's something that's missing too much nowadays. When we say "trust me" or "I promise" for whatever reason, many times it doesn't mean anything at all and I've experienced it as, I believe, many of you have aswell. Even if it was you telling another person or if it was another person telling you. So, I wanted to, as I always want, give the example of the bond we have with animals. They don't lie, they are so straightforward and understanding if we give them the chance and they don't talk. We talk, and still we break into wars for god knows what reason. It's the animals, horses for instance, that makes me think how much thought I need to give when I say "I promise", "trust me" or "I love you". For me, after deep reflection, I now say it with meaning like horses and other animals taught me. To be pure. Well, big speech, hehe, but this is what I'd like you to know. My way of seeing things. I want to be true to you even if I don't know you in person. That's part of the essence of being human and of being able to live. :) __________________________________ Music: "To Be Free" by Groove Addicts Some footage was given to me by woznme (aka Peter Haynes). Please check him here: The rest of the footage nor the music belongs to me. No Copyright infrigement intended. Poem inspired by Kathleen Sheppard. Video edited with Vegas Movie Studio 9 __________________________ Honors #80 - Most Discussed (Today)) - Sport - Global #8 - Top Favourited (Today)) - Sport - Global #66 - Top Favourited (This Week)) - Sport - Global #13 - Top Rated (Today)) - Sport - Global #96 - Top Rated (This Week)) - Sport - Global

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