10 Exclusive Virtues of Imam Ali (as) and the hypocrisy of Shoa'ib Arnaoot- Sayyed Kamal Haydari

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This a short video of Ayatollah Seyyid Kamal Haydari (rah) as seen on Al-Kawthar tv. In this short segment we see a Saheeh Narration on the 10 exclusive virtues of Imam Ali (as). This Narration is so powerful that Sheikh Sho'aib Arnaoot could not bear it, and so decided to weaken the Narration. But of course he could not just weaken the Narration like that. He had to point his finger at someone. And someone he did- Abu Balj, a man who is regarded Trustworthy by plenty of scholars. Sheikh Sho'aib knew Abu Balj is not weak. And so when it came to Narrations that praised Imam Ali (as) he weakened them, but when Abu Balj narrated a Narration about something other than Imam Ali (as), al-Arnaoot called the same Abu Balj an "Honest" person and someone who is "Hassan ul-Hadeeth". Such is the hatred and the bias of scholars. Question: Why Imam Ali (as)? What did he ever do?

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