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ਭਾਈ ਗੁਰਬਖਸ਼ ਸਿੰਘ ਜੀ ਖਾਲਸਾ Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa **MUST WATCH: TRUTH HURTS** Bhai Gurbaksh Singh :: Arrested :: Fake Encounters :: Awareness A MUST WATCH CLIP: On 6th December 2013, Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale speaks fearlessly about recent issues. ALSO SEE: http://youtu.be/NslOCp5maJ0. ______________________________________ THE ARREST OF BHAI GURBAKSH SINGH JI KHALSA -- DHADRIANWALE SPEAKS WITHIN THOUSANDS TO CREATE AWARENESS AMONGST THE ILL-INFORMED PUNJABIS 6 December 2013 -- At approximately midnight on the intervening night of 5 and 6 December, the hunger strike activist Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Ji Khalsa was unceremoniously arrested from Gurdwara Amb Sahib, Ajitgarh (Mohali), where Bhai Sahib has been peacefully protesting for almost 25 days to demand the release of innocent Sikh prisoners unfairly languishing in Indian jails. According to a number of eye-witnesses, including SAD (Panch Pardhani) leader Harpal Singh Cheema, it is said around 25-30 officers of the Punjab Police, disguised as Sikhs in orange to resemble sympathisers of the hunger strike, came in the middle of the night to arrest Bhai Sahib. Eye-witnesses on the scene are said to have revealed the officers, whilst coming on Gurdwara property to make the arrest, were under the influence of alcohol. Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale, who has visited Bhai Sahib and attended a number of Panthic meetings on his call and in support of his peaceful cause, are fulfilling their duty as a responsible Sikh preacher to use their Panthic platform in which there are gatherings of thousands to create awareness amongst the average Punjabi household unaware of these recent happenings. It is notable that media in Punjab and India has given very little or no coverage to Bhai Gurbaksh Singh and the campaign. Singh's from Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib were involved in the Khalsa March on 4 December and have been regularly visiting Mohali to provide support. Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa, as well as others, are due to attend the Panthic meeting organised for 12 December at Mohali. In a rousing speech, a recording of which can be viewed here - http://youtu.be/r3mBooB287E - Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa is seen to have fearlessly touched upon many subjects that only a very few speak about on the feared stages of India during the current times. Baba Ranjit Singh Khalsa said, "There is no country in the world that has a law to allow keeping a person behind bars for even one hour after their sentence is complete, let alone 6 years." They stated that all Sikhs are asking for is to simply release those who have completed their legal sentences. "This is a fundamental legal right, that is all which is being demanded, there is nothing wrong in this, this is not so-called promotion of terrorism or anything or the sort" they said. They spoke about human rights abuses, fake encounters since 1984 and the simple civil demands of a minority nation continually ignored by the majority Government. Bhai Gurbaksh Singh, who had pledged to carry on the hunger protest for the justice campaign until victory or until death, is now in Ropar Jail and although before it was rumoured he was charged on the grounds of attempted suicide, it is now believed the charges being imposed are under Section 107 (Abetment) and 151 (Unlawful Assembly). In the meanwhile, five Sikhs -- Manjit Kaur, Jaswant Singh, Inderpal Singh, Harpreet Singh and Hardeep Singh -- went on a 24 hour hunger strike in the absence of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh. In the afternoon, president of SAD (Amritsar) Simranjit Singh Mann, former DGP (Prisons) Shashi Kant, Harpal Singh Cheema (SAD Panch Pardhani), Kanwarpal Singh (Dal Khalsa), Baba Sukhchain Singh Dharampura and the Sant Samaj besides many other prominent Sikh personalities and representatives of various Sikh bodies, visited the spot and held a meeting, following which youth Damandeep Singh of Ludhiana was chosen as the volunteer from among many volunteers to replace Bhai Gurbaksh Singh on the hunger strike until death.

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