Margam Kali

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St. Mary's Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church, Sydney. Christmas & New Year Celebrations, Jan 14, 2012. Margam kali is one of the ancient group dance of Kerala practiced by Saint Thomas Christians. There are several different opinions on the origin of Margam kali. Two are: * It is derived from the early forms of Thiruvathira kali. * It is derived from Sangam kali and the martial arts dance form Parichamuttu kali. A dozen dancers sing and dance clapping around a lighted lamp ("nilavilakku") wearing the traditional white dhoti ("mundu") and blouse ("chatta"). The lamp represents Christ and the performers his disciples. The Margam kali pattu(song) are akin to the old ballads of Hindu Malabar called Payannoor pattu or the ballads in honor of Aromal Chekavar, who was the famous Ezhava hero. This also has similarity to the miracle plays of Europe, and similar social amusements of ancient Babylonia. -Wikipedia

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