*RAW* Nasa Warns Massive Solar MAX Storm to hit earth in 2014 -2015

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Nasa warns super solar flare to hit earth in late 2014 Nasa has updated it's report over that last couple of years, they are now saying that solar cycle 24 will be doubled peaked and is offering Earth one heck of a show. STORM COULD PEAK in 2014-2015 http://science1.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2006/10mar_stormwarning/ http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2013/01mar_twinpeaks/ Please, keep in mind that this video is from last year. Yes, this video is old. But not old news. This video has one purpose; that purpose is to give general knowledge into our current solar sycle and the VERY REAL distructive force of Solar Flares. Please be aware of our current solar cycle and take precautions in case of the event of a Super Solar Storm to hit Earth. Nasa has infact updated ints reports through out the years and now say's that our cycle is a double cycle which if correct could be as bad as the halloween out break of 2003 orwors. That one was not earth directed. Thank GOD! If it was we would not be watching this video. Infact many of us would be dead or starving hiding in a cave somewhere but who am I to say. The fact still remains that the BIG one which has already hit in 2003 does not try to make a sneak apperarance again.

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