How to open a file infected by SHORTCUT virus

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Want to open a file which was infected by the shortcut virus? watch this video and learn the process quickly! share if you liked it!!! 1.first scan the flashdrive and clean the viruses 2. open the flash drive and right click on a folder that has been infected 3. click properties and look for a shortcut tab above the window that just opened ( the video) 4. delete whatever is written in the target box (3:18 in the video) and simply replace it by the letter of the drive and the name of the folder that you want to access... example, if the flash drive is in drive "K" and the name of the folder that you need to access in "hello", simply write K:\ 4. immediately after you write it, all the folders in the directory will be shown, simply look for the file you want to repair and click on it.. when you do this, a ".lnk" part comes at the end so simply delete it and hit apply and ok.(3:30 in the video)

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