Segmented Woodturning Projects - Wooden Fruit Bowl - Part 1

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Segmented woodturning projects - A woodworking how to video on how to make a custom wood turning, a fruit bowl. In part 1 of this wood project we focus on accurate set-up of the 10 inch compound miter saw with a Wixey digital angle gauge and the Wixey digital protractor. A stop block ensures uniform cutting of 12 wood staves, and 12 vertical spacers. We also concentrate on the assembly and gluing of the segments that shape the fruit bowl. Beginning woodworkers as well as intermediate woodworkers can enjoy these wood turning techniques. Learn woodturning by watching these woodworking video clips so that you can create your own turnings. Watch more woodworking videos on YouTube... Subscribe to the YouTube Channel: Learn more, Experience more! Bob Simmons

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