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Watch free Nigerian Nollywood Movies, Ghallywood movies in English and Yoruba. This a latest Nigerian Nollywood Movie 2013. (Sequel To "Illuminati Kingdom") What will it profit a man if after gaining the whole-world and the goodness therein, he looses his very own soul. Benson and Uju are blessed with four boys but they lived in abject poverty. Uju's friend offered to help but instead initiated the couple into a demonic and blood sucking fraternity. Years have gone-by and their sons are now youngmen. The fraternity is blood thirsty, their sons are all marked victims. All they have is regret, pain, and sorrow. It will take more than their imbecile son; who speaks the truth all the time and his born-again nurse to save their lives. Watch many other hot new movies, at the link below http://www.Ibakatv.com/

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