Adventure of the Seas - Video Tour and General Information

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For further information about the Adventure of the Seas and its cruises, please visit Join us for a great experience on Adventure of the Seas. In 2001 she went on her maiden voyage and is identical to its sister ships in the Voyager Class. On the pool deck, passengers can swim in two large pools and enjoy four whirlpools, all of which are surrounded by the vast sea. The climbing wall is available to those wanting to get up high. It's a great feeling to have sea air blowing through your hair. If passengers have had enough of the sun and fancy something a little frostier, it could hardly be more varied. On the Adventure of the Seas guests can head onto the ice rink, right after bathing in the sun. Shuffleboard is the oldest ship sport and has been played for centuries on just about every ship. On a cruise passengers will spend a lot of time outdoors. There are plenty of different options on board. For example, guests can take part in one of the yoga classes. Elegant and beautiful. This describes the main restaurant at the stern of the ship. The Dining Room extends over three decks and this is where passengers will be served a wide selection of excellent cuisine each and every evening. Water, coffee, tea and lemonade are available free of charge during meals. However the staff will also be happy to bring wine, spirits or other soft drinks. Passengers can put together a personal menu in the Italian specialty restaurant. In Portofino, diners will enjoy an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Let's dance! Every night an impressive show program is offered in the theater at the bow of the ship. Musicals, which would normally be performed on Broadway, can be found here. There will certainly be something on offer which passengers haven't seen before. It's always exciting in the casino. Once the die is cast, it shall decide on the luck of the guests. Were the right numbers picked? Even at night, there are still have plenty of opportunities for enjoyment on board. It is possible party under the open skies until dawn. On the Adventure of the Seas, passengers will enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable holiday at sea. Learn more about cruises aboard the Adventure of the Seas on

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