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so i figure ill tell u guys the easiest car wax that laves an incredible shine with out the tediousness of paste or clay. Eagle one wax as u dry has been the only wax i liked for years. I have tried every wax possible to these standards. Shine Ease of use Practicality and Duribility the sine is brilliant. this is assuming the car has been clay brared, polished, and cleaned clear coat. this wax is the easiest to use because the car doesnt have to be completely dry. I hand dry my car and it has a better result on a almost dry car, there is spots that are not accesable with a squegee so thoes are not a worry. the practicality of this product is simple. wash dry and wax. it takes only an hour and a half to wash the car to a show car shine lastly the duribility is incredible. with a car of a lighter color like my silver gp the shine last over two weeks. with a black car, depending on road conditions, lasts about two weeks with a spray of water or a buff of quick detailer. now both of my cars sit outside in the elements so if u have a garage, expect better results. this is based on my expeience, i have tried many big name waxes(turtle wax ice, meguires carnuba wax, meguires wax 2.o, perma seal wax, etc....) so if u have one that beats eagle on in all catagories shoot a comment.

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