coloratura KATARZYNA DONDALSKA "Schwips-Lied" - Strauss

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Dazzling coloratura KATARZYNA DONDALSKA sings Johann Strauss's "Schwips-Lied," in reality, "Variations on the Annen Polka." COMPARE THIS "Schwips-Lied" to this one... And what might Dondalska have over most of the other coloraturas making the rounds and headlines these days? THE ANSWER: Another octave at the upper end of the scale! This musical tidbit was chosen to show her utter charm. If there's interest in hearing more, a future sample will show how she compares with Ellen Beach Yaw, Mado Robin, Erna Sach, &c. During the past year or two, Katarzyna has been traveling the world over, appearing as the Queen of the Night, and on this very day sings Lucia at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna. In recent times, in addition to European appearances, she's been in Seattle, Vancouver, Calgary, Charlotte, Baltimore, Washington DC, etc. in a sparkling "Salute to Vienna" show. Dondalska has a marvelous solo CD available ("Dondalska Live") with 10 arias of length-- by Donizetti, Masse, Rossini, Meyerbeer, Millocker, Lehar, Dostal, and Strauss. I paid 19 Euros; $24.70 postpaid at the time of my purchase. My copy was sent by Katarzyna Dondalska.... 16352 Basdorf....Prenzlauer Strasse 1-/12 ....Deutschland/ Germany A GOOGLE check for Katarzyna Dondalska will be worth your while.

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