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Unwrapping 9 surprise eggs from Toy Story, Disney Pixar Cars 2, Hello Kitty, Beanie Kids, Kinder Surprise Ice Age 4, Trash-Pack, Party Animals, Barbie Princess and Angry Birds! A world of fun, mystery and fantasy is hidden inside every surprise egg! You never know what toy, gadget or limited edition special character collectible you are going to get! All kids love an adventure and surprise eggs such as Kinder Surprise have made millions of children happy. The combination of surprise, chocolate and mystery toy has provided entertainment to kids and parents alike! Believe it or not, since the inception of Kinder Surprise almost 30 billion kinder eggs have been sold worldwide! Featured Song: "Breaking Free" by Formular Won: http://bit.ly/VZysrR Chocolate candy surprises eggs such as Toy Story surprise eggs & Kinder Surprise eggs are made with a perfect blend of milk & cocoa. Parents want their children to experience happy childhoods and special chocolate treats are a delicious and joyful way to do so! Since Kinder Surprise first started back in 1974, it's great to see such a large variety of surprise eggs containing mini toys! Along with Thomas Tank, Tinkerbell & Mickey-Mouse surprise eggs; I've even seen The Simpsons Zaini surprise eggs chocolate in candy stores! Here's an interesting bit of information about Kinder Surprise (the mother of all chocolate toy eggs) Believe it or not, despite being available in Canada since 1975, Kinder Surprise Eggs are illegal in the United States, being sold all over the world excluding the US. Transporting Kinder Surprise eggs into the US can incur a large fine of several hundred dollars due to a 1938 law which makes the famous chocolates illegal. Kinder Surprise egg seizures in the US have doubled since 2010 which is not surprising given the huge popularity of toy eggs, especially during the Christmas and Easter holiday season. The Kinder Egg ban in the United States is due to potential risks to public health according to the archaic law which bans inedible objects inside confectionery. While there are legitimate concerns that small children could choke on the tiny toys found inside the eggs, many people believe the prohibition of the product is not fair and an intrusion upon civil liberty. Apparently in 2011 United States customs officers seized 60,000 Kinder Surprise Eggs from people's travel luggage (double the number of kinder eggs seized the previous year). Aside from regular toy collectibles, Hello Kitty eggs, Kinder Surprise eggs, Barbie Princess eggs, Toy Story eggs, Ice Age 4 eggs, Trash-Pack eggs, Party Animals eggs, Angry Birds, Cars 2 eggs & Beanie Kids eggs can also contain special limited editions toys! Figurines can include famous cartoon characters as well as animal themed toys. Seasonal eggs are introduced around the different annual holidays for the Kinder Surprise egg range. Seasonal Kinder egg toys at Christmas time include baby Jesus, and the three kings. Seasonal Holiday edition Kinder Easter eggs are by far the most popular in Italy, just as the Cars 2 Disney Pixar Cars eggs have become so immensely popular! For those that did not know, Kinder toys were made by Ferrero prior to 2004, however in 2004 a company called MPG (Magic Production Group) began making the toy products while Ferrero to this very day has continued to produce the unbelievably tasty Kinder Surprise Chocolate! Yum! Without a doubt, yummy Zaini & Kinder Surprise chocolate eggs continue to deliver many happy moments to families around the world as young kids and adults share in the joy of finding a top secret surprise, a mystery hidden treasure beneath a shell of beautifully sweet chocolate candy. The fun mini-toys even include many recent movie characters from Disney Cars 2, Pixar Toy Story, Barbie Princess, Disney Princess Movies & more! Yay for chocolate eggs! It will be fun to see how the new Angry Birds egg toys, Zaini Pixar Toy Story 3 eggs, Hello Kitty eggs & Trash-Pack surprise eggs perform against the yummy Kinder Surprise! My #1 favorite chocolate egg is Kinder Surprise! My second favourite toy egg variety is a 3-way tie between the Toy Story 3 Toys, the Disney Pixar Cars 2 holiday edition Easter eggs and The Trash Pack toy eggs! Angry Birds Eggs have arrived, which is very exciting! Angry Birds is a very popular kids game originally produced as an iphone application and later released for PC, Mac & laptop as well as Angry Birds toy games being produced. Some of the most popular Angry Birds games include: Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds on Thin Ice, Angry Birds Catapult Slingshot Launchers and much more! Special cameo audience appearances by Psy, Spider-man, Buttercup, Slinky, Lightning McQueen & friends! As always, thanks for watching! :)

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