iSON & the Return of X-class Solar Flares

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A high-density Charged-Particle envelope will impact iSON beginning late today (Nov. 4th) through the day on November 5th. According to the JPL orbit diagram, iSON will descend into the ecliptic plane beginning November 5th. Watch for a significant change in iSON beginning tomorrow, November 5th! A large active sunspot region is rounding the rim and will face Earth directly by November 11th!! ====================================== SpaceWeather: JPL Orbit Diagram for iSON:;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb Solar System Scope: NASA ENLIL CME Impact: Helioviewer: USGS Earthquake maps: iSWA (integrated Space Weather Analysis) tools: -- ACE Magnetic Field Timeline = Mag(12) -- Magnetic Connectivity Solarscape Viewer = New(5) -- SWMF North-South Cut = Mag(3) -- GOES Primary X-ray Flux Timeline = Mag(12) -- ENLIL Heliosphere (Density + Field Line) = Helio(4) -- ACE Proton Density = Helio(2)

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