2001 ford escape V6 # 19 of 19 lower/upper intake manifold gaskets. All put back togher.

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I shot this video the next day when I had good light . I pulled the top intake manifold off again to fix the leaking injectors. I just reseated them, Push them down ward till they bottomed out . All 6 of them.Also put new o rings on top of the injectors , Have to buy the hole injectors to replace the bottom o rings. There are a totally different o ring. Stupid of course ford does that to make money. I just used the old ones they seemed fine.Top ones $1.50 each at Napa. Put it all back tougher then fired it up. Runs smooth, No rough idle, No more all most dieing on me,And I used my pin camera to look under upper intake manifold for any signs of leaking fuel misting out or pooling up cant find any. So it all looks good.Took it out on the hwy run nice. Thanks for checking out all the videos .Sorry they where so dark. Chow

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