A walk through the Rochester, NY subway

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Allie and Bob accompany the Syracuse Outdoor Adventurer's meet-up group on a walk through the abandoned subway tunnel. The subway tunnel is in what used to be the old Erie Canal bed and runs under what is now Broad Street. The subway tunnel is very accessible and the syracuse outdoor adventure's wanted to take what might be one of the last opportunities to explore this historic relic of rochester, ny. A plan to fill in a good portion of the approximately 1.5 mile tunnel has been recently approved by the city of Rochester. We were 22 strong on this particular walk through and most of the group had never seen any part of the subway. It is an interesting piece of architecture which stretches from Brown street to South avenue underneath Broad street. For another point of view on this same hike follow this link... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N7ALuMllGA Updated video showing Secret Access point to subway new since the Broad Street Reconstruction/Renovation project, http://youtu.be/KjNc9EemwTI

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