5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe Thrashes through the Cotswolds. 20th Oct. 2012

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Vintage Trains' Cotswold Explorer. Tyseley-Gloucester-Oxford-Worcester-Tyseley An eagerly awaited combination of a GWR Castle storming through The Golden Valley in glorious Autumn colours was to be the main event, however the weather had other plans and problems with service trains added to what turned out to be a frustrating day mixed with exceptional performance. We pick up the action on the Stoke Road Bridge where 5043 passes at 75mph after being delayed and held for a short time at Ashchurch with "catch-up" definitely on the mind of the crew. A quick dash over the hills to Frampton Mansell found the upper valley thick in stubborn fog. I have only included footage from the second camera at the crossing as my tunnel shot was a "write-off". There are surprisingly few long range open shots on the return route from Oxford but I found this spot between Bruern and Shipton Station. In the lovely afternoon light, the Autumn colours and general tranquility of the area really show but it was not to last especially as the tour was delayed again due to an incident with a service train (collision with a badger!) near Ascot-under Wychwood. However 5043 looks and sounds splendid in the fading light as the crew again work hard to make up for the 40 minute delay proving that there is really nothing like the sight and sound of a Castle in full flow!

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