Obsession The Jodi Arias Story Dateline N_B_C [SD]

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QUICK review: Standard network TV hack sensationalistic "special" that glosses through things very peripherally and HUGELY MISCHARACTERIZES certain things about Malyce LaBiaslette (complete and utter BS about VITRIOL towards her simply being vendetta-driven because she was testifying for the "duh-fense" and characterizing her testi-LYING as "calm and measured") -- mostly COURTESY OF (douchebag) Michael Kiefer, a reporter for the Arizona Republic. There's only about ONE minute of any decent analysis (Forensic Psychiatrist Steven Pitt @ 33:20 & 38:50) during the whole thing and the EXPECTED local defense lawyer doing the douchebag POV analysis that you would EXPECT from the typical defense d-bag (sorry, it's not anyone you've heard of before - or will even remember 30 seconds later - he's THAT forgettable). Simply points out the CLEARLY OBVIOUS. That Hodi is a manipulative, pathological liar, sociopath, narcissistic, borderline personality disorder, REPTILIAN cold-blooded murderer who is in love with herself and the attention. You'll watch it once and that's probably it. It looks like it took about 3 hours to put together, from start to finish. If that. If you learn even ONE new thing about the case (from watching this), you obviously haven't been following the trial since Jan./Feb. 2013.

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