Review: Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 290 OC Windforce

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Today we go all in depth on this monster. Can the windforce 3x 450W keep it cool ? Let's find out! Unicorn reviews does gameplay overclocking and benchmarking. Gigabyte AMD Radeon R9 290 OC Windforce 3X 450W 4gb BF4 edition GA..., actually the name is a bit longer but I forgot it... 13.12 drivers were used. Full GPU testing database: PLEASE SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL Computer hardware is very expensive and I can't keep buying things with just my own money. To be fair, Youtube Ad revenue isn't even enough to pay for the software licences I need. That's why I now have Patreon, you can show your support here: With the income, I will buy more products for review with the income and sell the items on on ebay later. I'm incredibly grateful for even the smallest amounts. Thank you for reading this beggery.

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