Borderlands 2 Terramorphous Kill using Safe Spot Method

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So, many of you probably wanted to finish this You Will Die quest, but they found that Terramorphous, the baddie you need to kill in order to complete the quest, is designed to be fought with 4 ppl squad. And let's say that you can't play online with ppl because you have crappy internet or no internet at all or just maybe you don't want to. Well, here's the solution for your problem - a video which shows you how to kill Terramorphous solo using safe spot Using safe spot that I show you in this vid grants you almost 100% immunity to Terra attacks. Most of the time he will show himself at the center of arena and attack you with spikes. Those spikes will hit a rock or "invisible wall" above it. Terra can damage you only in two ways while sitting in this spot - by himself or by Laser/Rock Tentacles. Sometimes he will rise from the ground right next to you, on the left (as shown in video). If you will stay in the spot, he will be able to damage you. BUT if you will jump to the right and stay near the gate, he will attempt to attack but he won't do any dmg to you. After this you can go back to safe spot The second thing that can hurt you are his Laser or Rock Tentacles. Laser ones can sometimes shoot above the rock and hit you in the head, or they can spawn behind you. Kill em as fast as possible Same with Rock ones. But beware - in order to avoid their dmg, you need to force them to attack in other place. When you will se that they are about to throw rocks, just go somwhere for a while, wait till rocks will be tossed and run back to safe spot. This is easiest done with Zero cus he can deploy decoy which will lure tentacles. As shown on video I used The Bee shield, which is pretty "must have" for this solo method (in other way you would need shitloads of bullets). As for guns - Vladof is the best choice.

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