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Please note that this coil suits mono loop pi detectors types, The Baracuda will work fine with this coil design, but using .45 insulated wire works best, Take the quiz if you wish, or skip and only watch video Interactive, Tutorial style, video. Please Note - I am not allowed to show you the circuit board because it does not belong to me. Second part on "How to build the XTR quality metal detector" of two videos.The Goldfinder XTR 11 inch mono and super sensitive loop light elliptical search coils.Goldfinders shows a new innovation in metal detectors. Sure it operates on the same principle as Erick fosters new pulse induction technology invention.This detector is light manoeuvrable and combined with excelent performance. We have discovered that building the wire inside the stem makes the detector more stable, manoeuvrable and versatile .This also allows the detector to excel anywhere,- even under salt water. The new search coil is as sensitive as a small one while having the power and search coverage of a large coil.The detector is just as at home on land as it is in the water. If dropped in water,- the salt water should not destroy the detector because the electronics and the search coil or loop is encased in solid silicone rubber and the audio have the option of being replased with a powerful loop light and is completly protected from water.You can search by light alone or with a conbination of audio and light if desired and even go diving for lost treasure or rings that sliped off the fingers of tourists on the reefs with this design. Created in Queensland Australia. It is a simple switch on and go detector which will work as well, as air tests because it is specifically designed to do just that. Sure it will sound off on a small piece of metal but if you want to find gold then you don't want to make any mistakes, especially in difficult salt, water, or mineralised ground. Discriminator funtions on metal detectors nearly always mistake pull tabs for gold rings!.The Goldfinder XTR may look simple, but it actually takes a lot of work, resourcefulness, and time to make the detector to work well.Find us on facebook @!/groups/112845112158479/ or website

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