Crespelle at the new PANE VITTORIA with Frank Mazzuca

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Crespelle at the new PANE VITTORIA with Frank Mazzuca Special guest Domenic Greco does it again. He surprises me today with a culinary adventure to Crespelle Land...that's the NEW PANE VITTORIA. We call them so different I can't even spell it. Try them - they are amazing!!! Since 1953 PANE VITTORIA has been the true leader in fresh baked Italian artisan bread. Commitment is quality, tradition, passion and the finest ingredients PANE VITTORIA is known for unique "Mattoni" Breads, including Calabrese, Pitte, Frese and Vienna style bread. We caught up with new visionary Joe Ferraro who will take Pane Vittoria to the next rise! Not a re-brand but a re-juvination...and wow...we can taste it now. You can't fix something that isn't broken but Joe can sure celebrate their offerings in the style they deserve. Visit Joe and his artistic team at: Pane Vittoria - 8633 Weston Road #6, Woodbridge, ON L4L 9R6 Phone: (905) 265-1438 Hours: Sun 8am-2pm Mon Closed Tue-Fri 8am-7pm Sat 8am-6pm Thanks for watching

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