Tanaji Malusare

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This video was captured on Singhgad, The man in the video was native and self employed guide. Have tried my best to translate this for you. It was difficult as due to his age and also the vigour with which he was speaking - some sentences of him were incomplete also he used some slang in between. Here it starts... You can see 11 forts from here,.. 11 forts! See that is Torna. Torna is the first ever fort conquered by Shivaji Maharaj At the Age of 16 he founded Swarajya and with Rajgad as its capital. You can see Rajgad also from here. Look behind the top of the tree, you can see Rajgad (Then he talks abt the story how Shivaji moved his attention towards Singhgad, formerly known as Kondhana) (Shivaji Maharaj's mother Jijamata(Jijau) used to tell him) "Shivba I see Kondhana(fort), I see Kondhana Shivba. There is enemy's flag fluttering on it, a green flag(of Mughal's) but we need to bring that green flag down and put up our Bhagava(saffron colur flag)" Har Har Mhadev! Har Har Mahadev!.. This is pinda and this is linga, Shivaji Maharaj's sword had 1000 holes that's when Jijau renounced you will have to kill 1000 soldiers then only you will take oath of Swarajya and will put tilak of your blood(by piercing small finger) on forehead of your 18 Sardar's The Role of Hindawi Swarajya... Who is the founder of Hindu Dharma? tell me... (someone from back) Shivaji Maharaj! Right! Who was the protector of Hindavi Swarajya?.. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj! Just like Mohammad Paigambar founded Mulslim religion, the way Christean religion was established by Jesus Christ; same is the place of Shivaji Maharaj in Hindu Dharma! (Marave Pari Kirti Rupe Urave) You may die, but you must continue to live through your deeds.. This was what said about Tanaji Malusare. Gad aala pan singh gela(conquered the fort but lost the lion) Aadhi Lageen kondhanyach karina mag mazya raybach(first comes kondhana then the marriage of my(son) Rayaba) 4th day of April 1670, it was Ashtami. Tanaji Malusare had meeting with 300 soldiers. 58" chest he had, 7 ft height and weighed 150 Kg, had sword of 35 Kg with 25 Kg Shield.. He had the power to bring down an elephant in one shot. He could carry a (bullock)cart full of firewood at a time. Jijau had presented him with a 32 tola gold bracelet on the occasion of Bhaubeej. Think about this..... why are we needed in this Swarajya if you take trouble to go for _the mission Tanaji asked Shivaji Maharaj... Tanaji maulsare left on a dark moon night in attire of Gondhali (http://bit.ly/dnVcAw) Suryaji was playing (traditional Maharashtrian insrtument)sambal (http://bit.ly/bMlqCP) Shelar mama(maternal uncle) was holding kakada(burning torch) Tanaji himself took beacame spy.. just like Khandoji naik and Bahirji naik - other spies of Shivaji Maharaj This right hand of Maharaj - Tanaji turned into spy to collect information of this fort. Udaybhanu was in charge of this fort. there were 3500-4000 pathans, moghals, sultans. He had captivated Kamlkumari - beautiful daughter of Rajnathsingh. Jijau pointed Shivba to Kondhana from Rajgad and said, "same can happen with me soon. I also might get abused anytime just as Kamlkumari is getting abused by Udaybhanu right now on that Kondhana fort". Kondhana - as it was formerly known Tanaji made it to be Singhgad.. 340 years it completed in last Feb. on 4th Feb 1670 with help of Yashwanti ghorpad(bengal monitor) he climbed the cliff and raided the fort. Shelar mama killed Udaybhanu.Tanaji malusare slashed Udaybhanu down with in one hit. Shelar mama's two hands were engaged in fighting. Suryaji climbed from Kalyan Darwaja with 150 soldiers. (to add here, some soldiers were fleeing seeing Tanaji wounded but Suryaji cut the ropes and encouraged them to fight back) Uadaybhanu was fleeing kicking Tanaji Malusare thats when Shelar mama shouted at him "Hey you son of enuch where are you running, come fight with these two 80 year old hands of mine." He jumped and sat on his chest and killed him biting his neck.. Udaybahanu was killed. But Tanaji also died. This is called Gad aala pan singh gela(We captured the fort but lost the lion) Then from 5.24 min he starts singing powada which describes the same tale.

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