History of Devendra Kula Vellalar (Mallar/pallar) - part 1

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The above video is the first part of devendrakulla vellalar history.the matter explained here is taken from many scholars, scientist research result. Mallar Pallar Varalaru(history of mallar devendra kulla vellalar pallar/mallar) R. Deva Asirvatham(former Deputy collector) did an extensive research on Pallars and published his book Moovendar Yaar in 1977. This was the first book which stated that Pallars are the Mallars mentioned in the ancient Tamil literature and are the descendants of the famous Tamil Kings Chera, Chola, and Pandya. Later R. Deva Asirvatham expanded his book Moovendar Yaar and wrote four books Vellalar Yaar, Pallar Alla Mallar Aam Mannar, Moovendar Marabinaraana Devendrar Veelchi, Moovendar Marabinarana Devendrar Thaal Nilai Eithal based on the Tamil Literature, stone inscriptions, and research books written by several other researchers. Research on the pallars is being continued by Dr.Gurusamy Siddhar (founder and leader, Tamilar Panbadu Samuga Aaivu Mandram). He wrote his book Tamil Ilakiyathil Pallar(Mallar) Devendra Kula Vellalar Adipdai Sandrugal in 1993. In this book he gives references about mallar from Tamil Literature.

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