Queen Mother Imakhu Talks About Love, Wisdom, Heqet, & the Kemetic Water Tradition

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Queen Mother Imakhu finally shares her difficult ten year initiation through Heqet and Kemetic Wisdom that brought her Higher Love (Mer), Wisdom (rekh), deeper compassion, and made her Keeper of the Shen Urrit Healing System. She tells how she mystically acquired the system, unaware for five years of why her hands were buzzing after her 2006 Bantu Water Spirit initiation, and why certain people had intense reactions after she'd initiated or touched them. Queen Mother Imakhu know passes this full energy to qualified initiates, and teaches the Shen Urrit Kemetic Water healing techniques. She also has meditative Shen Urrit healing sessions by appointment. To study with Queen Mother Imakhu, or purchase her lectures and meditations, visit www.queenmotherimakhu.com.

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