Piper Navajo Chieftain - ILS Approach, Final, and Taxi. Des Moines KDSM

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1978 Piper Navajo Chieftain Landing at KDSM, RWY 31, Exit D2, Taxiway B, to Taxiway R, into Elliot's next to the Fire Station. Conditions: ILS, Visibility 3 Miles, Winds from the west at 16kts. Approach 115 kts, On Final 99 kts. Approach was partially CAT II until breaking through at 800 agl and changing to a CAT I, remaining on IFR/ILS until 10'. Landing Elevation at RWY 31 is 958' If opposite: Elevation at RWY 13 is 912'. This 46' difference can provide you with a heck of a bad day when landing an ILS approach, and not realizing it is a different elevation. And yes, it has happened to a few, just glad not me. doh

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